What is #30daysofakuru

#30daysofAkuru first edition, is an open call to visual designers,

illustrators, type designers, typographers and anyone who’s interested

in explore the endless possibilities and new dimensions of Sinhala letterforms, sinhala script. We challenge you to create your own new and exciting interpretation of a selected Sinhala letter, one letter per day for the Month

of June. The project aim is to create an awareness and importance of sinhala typography and it’s endless typography and graphic possibilities.

how to participate

#30daysofAkuru first edition takes place from

1st of JUNE to 30th of JUNE 2019.


Each participant is invited to share their works via Instagram.

In order to take part the participants need to check the selected Sinhala letters given for each day in our #30daysofAkuru calendar.


We ask you to upload your artwork to your Instagram profile making sure it’s uploaded on it’s corresponding day. Also make sure to tag us @30daysakuru on your art work directly and always add the project hashtags #30daysofAkuru #30daysofAkuru_day1 etc, in your post caption; as the only way for us to identify your artwork and allow others to see it.


 Don't have an Instagram?

No worries you can still participate. All you have to do is send us your submissions through our facebook.com/akuruCollective page, along with

your name and the art work description.


We strongly encourage you to participate by designing all 30 Sinhala letter characters, but you can also participate for few days by designing selected letter characters or a single letter character. It’s all up to you to decide which to do but make sure to check the #30daysofAkuru calendar.

Image format is jpg/png square format 1080px X 1080px.

Video or motion design entries in all formats are welcome.

To submit your work use @30daysakuru direct image tagging system

and hashtags such as #30daysofAkuru #30daysofAkuru_day1 etc.


 From all the daily entries, we will curate a selected artworks by our team

and will be publish on @30daysakuru Instagram page and other social media network related to the project. In addition to our daily curated selection from

all the submissions, at the end of this edition on 30th JUNE. A panel of Type

and Graphic designers will pick winners from those who have participated submitting the most unique, creative or innovative set of more than

20 sinhala letterforms.

About us

#30daysofAkuru is a project hosted by Akuru Collective and organised by the

Letters.Lanka team. our aims are to  inspire interests in letterforms and highlight regional graphic designers, graphic and visual design artists and illustrators to create talent

in varieties of sinhala font design and bring awareness about the importance of

expanding typography.

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