About #30daysofakuru

2021 August 1st - September 2nd

Submissions accept from 12:01 am - 11:55 pm

#30daysofAkuru is an open call to brave souls to celebrate endless possibilities and new dimensions of Sinhala and Tamil letterforms. Whether you are a visual designer, illustrator, type designer, typographer, writer or simply someone who loves letterforms, we challenge you to create your own new and exciting interpretation of Sinhala and Tamil letters, one letter per day for the month of August 2021. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are from or how skilled you are! This is a celebration of the love of the letters and letters we love, not a competition to win or lose.

#30daysofAkuru is hosted by the Akuru Collective and organised by the Letters.Lanka volunteer team. 30DaysofAkuru aims to stir the global interest in Sinhala and Tamil typography and highlight the endless typographic and graphical possibilities of the two scripts. We promote and bring together the Typo

communities, designers and contributors in Sri Lanka and across the world together with common interest:

letterforms of Sri Lanka. 

In order to take part, the participants need to check the selected Sinhala or Tamil letters given for each day in our #30daysofAkuru calendar.


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This August, join our global community of letter lovers in this month-long exercise

expanding boundaries of Sinhala and Tamil typography.


To learn more about Anatomy of  Sinhala typography,

look in to the research by Dr. Sumanthri Samarawickrama


How to Participate

You can simply design the corresponding letter of the day and you are part of our global community! If you would like us to feature and add your creation to our collection you can submit it to us through any of the following channels below.

Only submit your content through only through one of the platforms, not all of them.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Submission Requirements

The Image format is jpg/png square format 1080px X 1080px. Please remember that we will only be accepting a square size format submission for posts. When sending video or motion design entries please send them as a Gif or short video clip.

Please send in your submissions only on it’s corresponding day. As an example: On day 6 the assigned letter is ன. Therefore we kindly ask you NOT to send all your letter submissions at once or NOT to send an artwork for an upcoming day. It would make the selection process difficult for the team and would lead to unnecessary confusion. 


We challenge you to create your own new and exciting interpretation of the given Sinhala or Tamil letter. Please DO NOT use an existing font. Submissions that use existing fonts will be disqualified from entering our library of submissions.

We invite you to submit 25 or more letters on #30daysofAkuru challenge this August

(1st-30th) and win a free seat at our font designing worshop conducted by Akuru Collective Foundry. This is an opportunity you don't want to miss. To learn more about the #30daysofAkuru challenge or the workshop, visit our pages @akurucollective and @30daysofakuru.

How to submit through instagram?

Please upload your submissions to your Instagram profile and make sure it’s uploaded on its corresponding day. Make sure to tag us @30daysakuru on your artwork directly and always add the project hashtag #30daysofAkuru in your post caption; as this is the only way for us to identify your artwork and allow others to see it. 


We will be ONLY reposting the submissions that have either tagged us on the image or posted with #30daysofAkuru hashtag!


If you are planning to submit your artwork through instagram messages please send us your name, the submission title and caption (if have any) and please add the #30daysofakuru hashtag as well. 


Example: Pathum Egodawatte (name) ‘day 6- ன: harmony’ (title and caption) #30daysofakuru

If you have a private account, we might miss your submission due to privacy issues.

We kindly request from all the private account holders to please make sure to tag @30daysakuru on your post and send a copy of your artwork along with it’s caption

to @30daysakuru instagram inbox when you are submitting an artwork.

Don't have Instagram?

No worries you can still participate. All you have to do is send us your submissions through our facebook.com/akuruCollective page or to our email typography.lk@gmail.com, along with your name, the submission title and caption (if have any) and please add the #30daysofakuru hashtag as well. 


Example: Madhwa Ruwan (name) ‘day 6- ன: harmony’ (title and caption) #30daysofakuru


We strongly encourage you to participate by designing all 30 Sinhala and Tamil letter characters, but you can also participate for a few days by designing selected letter characters or one letter character. It’s all up to you to decide what to do, but make sure to check the #30daysofAkuru calendar. 

What if your submissions are not featured?  
or missed the deadline?

Did not see your post featured on our social media? Don’t worry! Keep your head high and be proud of your work! At the end of the event we will gather and curate the bigger collection of the artworks on our website and on the @Letters.Lanka instagram page. We will include submissions that we missed out or could not post on our social media profiles because of the time constraints. 

If you have missed the deadline for submission please re-send your submissions for @Letters.Lanka using the same guidelines given as above in case you miss the deadlines. Also you can email the artworks to us on a later date.


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